D-1 Totally Disabled Tax Exemption

Taxpayer Benefit Programs offered through the Assessor's Office include:

  • Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Exemptions.
  • Elderly or Social Security Disabled Homeowner Rebates - Apply Feb. 1st - May 15th  Click here for application.
  • Elderly or Social Security Disabled Renter Rebates - Apply May 15th - Oct. 1st. 


You must be a permanent Connecticut resident to qualify. You must also provide the Assessor with a copy of your Federal Income Tax return if you file one. You cannot receive any financial aid or subsidy from federal, state, county, or municipal funds other than Social Security Emergency Energy Assistance, Federal Supplemental Security Income Program, payments from previous employment, veteran and disability benefits, subsidized housing, Medicaid, or SNAP (previously food stamps). Please stop by the Assessor's Office for more information or to apply.

Assessment Exemptions

Veteran - If you are a veteran who served during war periods you must file your DD214 (discharge papers) with the Town Clerk's Office before October 1st to qualify. Assessment exemption for veterans without disability is $3000. Exemption for veteran's with a disability is $3000 to $9000 depending on percentage of disability.
Blind - Assessment exemption is $3000. You must apply by October 1st to qualify.
Disabled - Assessment exemption is $1000. You must apply by October 1st to qualify.

Farm and Forest Classification Programs

Personal Property Declarations must be filed in the Assessor's Office no later than November 1st to avoid a penalty. Every business owner must file and those who own unregistered vehicles/campers or horses. If you have any questions, call the Assessor's Office at 860/585-4004.

Assessment Information pertaining to Real Estate, Motor Vehicles, and Personal Property located within the Town of Plymouth is also available.

Board of Assessment Appeals:

  • Susan Boilard
  • Timothy Murawski
  • Elizabeth Wollenberg
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